Videos on Cluster Analysis

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The Key Steps to Running K-means Cluster Analysis in Excel

This first video outlines how you can run cluster analysis in Excel (without using the free Excel template).

Here is the spreadsheet used in the above video how to run cluster analysis in Excel

The Fastest Approach to Running Cluster Analysis in Excel

The next video shows a much faster way of running cluster analysis in Excel – the above approach is quite manual and time-consuming, whereas the next video provides a much more efficient clustering solution.

Here is the spreadsheet used in the above video Quick cluster video Excel file

Using the Free Cluster Analysis Template

The next video steps through how to use the free cluster analysis Excel template, as well as highlighting its various features and worksheets.

How to Identify the Best Clusters (Segments)

This video is a guide on how to interpret the cluster analysis output in order to define and describe the various potential target markets.

Features of the Premium Cluster Analysis Template

Check out the premium cluster analysis Excel template here.