Free Download of the Cluster Analysis Template


Click this link for the free download of the cluster-analysis-marketing-free-template-version2

NOTE: This Excel template has been designed to work with Excel 2010 and later.

How to download the cluster analysis template

  1. Click the above link to download
  2. Choose to open with Excel – any version of Excel should be able to run the built-in cluster analysis calculation – please contact me via email if you have any problems.
  3. Click to enable editing.
  4. Click to enable macros (click the ‘enable content’ icon).
  5. Add in Excel Solver (if required) – please see full instructions in the spreadsheet template.
  6. Follow the instructions in the spreadsheet – or review the instructions first or watch a how to use video.

Premium clustering Excel template

Please note that a more advanced version of the above free spreadsheet is available on this website. This more advanced clustering template allows you to create up to 10 clusters/segments, using up to 20 attributes, and up to 1,000 responses. Click here for further details.